Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodbye JW, Hello Palm Springs

On Thursday, January 3 after spending 10 nights at the JW Marriott in downtown Chongqing we checked out and on our way to our new apartment complex called Palm Springs. To get there you head north from downtown. It's a 25 minute drive on a good day with minimal traffic. Before leaving the JW we took some photos next to the recently re-decorated lobby area. After the New Year they took down the beautiful large Christmas tree and put up this vibrant tree stringed with red envelopes and spring festival decorations. This is a symbolic image for the Chinese New Year which is coming soon on February 10, 2013. It will be the year of the Snake.

This is outside our apartment building. Palm Springs is a very large complex with a lake in the middle. There are single family homes, townhouses and apartments in the complex. It's a gated community and we feel very safe here. We are on the ground floor but get the luxury of having a ground floor courtyard off one side of our apartment and off the the backside we have a balcony overlooking a cliff side to the lake in the middle (more photos of that later). 

Another view of our building.

One of the first meals I made was Mac n Cheese. This is an all time favorite of Casey's and I promised her I would when we got in our apartment. You cannot order Mac n Cheese at any of the restaurants and it is not available in the grocery stores (not even the international ones). I brought 7 boxes in our luggage. One box for each month until we are back in the US again this summer. I do have to admit it was an EXTRA special treat for ALL of us.

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