Thursday, January 10, 2013

Go Badgers

On Wednesday, January 2, while still in the JW Marriott, our alarm was set to wake us up at 6am. "Why up so early" you may ask? To cheer on our Badgers in the Rose Bowl of course! We slowly crawled out of our beds and got dressed in all our red to cheer on the Badgers playing against Standford in the Rose Bowl. "How do you do that from China?" may be your next question. Thanks to our good friend Ryan, we watched the game via Slingbox (an awesome box which is hooked up to a cable box in Ryan's house in Michigan). We log into our account on and can pick up the cable feed on our laptop. We can even change the channels too. While in China we purchased a HDMI cable and adapter to hookup our laptop the a TV. It felt just like it would be at home watching the game. The quality was "OK" with a few pauses in the connection here and there, but considering where we are living and being able to watch the game live, we'll take what we can get.  One thing that I didn't expect was to miss home when seeing local commercials from the Detroit area. During half time we made a quick run up to the breakfast lounge and brought back donuts and bananas along with coffee for Chris (spiked with our own Baileys) and OJ for Chanley (spiked with our own Champagne). It was a good game and the Badgers tried to pull off a win in the end, but an interception on their final drive with 2 minutes in the game ended our hopes of winning the Rose Bowl.

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