Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A visit to Paradise Walk

Last Sunday we took the kids on their first trip on the Subway to an area called Paradise Walk, a public open area with walking paths, a dancing water fountain, lots of shopping plaza and restaurants. While strolling through the park we walked upon two very different forms of Chinese singing and dancing. 

* Sorry if my videos are not working. They were a week ago, and now they are just blank spots. :(

Casey has taken a special interest in counting all the dragons she sees around town. Before this day her count was at 28. You cannot tell from this photo but in this particular area of the park we were surrounded by 10 totem-like pillars with carvings of dragons in them. There had to have been a hundred dragons total just in this area alone. Needless to say her count increased by a lot on this one visit. 

I took a special interest in watching this guy using a sponge brush and water to write messages on the pavement.  I have no idea what it said but watching his craft was very entertaining. 

Casey and Jake are watching the dancing water fountain show programed to music. We caught the last few minutes of it. You cannot tell in the photo below, but in the center of the fountain was a water spray that went up over 30+ feet in the air. Jake and Casey were especially entertained by that.

It was a fun afternoon of many sights and sounds in this very upbeat and energetic city. 

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