Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet Our Driver

This is our driver, Mr. Xiong. He is a very gentle and kind hearted man. We found out that he has a wife and a 12 year old son. He's been taking good care of and our transportation needs getting us to and from the hotel. He also helped us at Metro (like a Costco) to fill out an application for a membership. He speaks very little English (good morning, hello, goodbye, okay, etc..) so communication has been challenging, but not impossible. He's very patient and helpful trying to teach us new words. In Chongqing the locals speak "Chongqinghua", a slightly different dialect than Mandarin. We are fortunate that Mr. Xiong also understands Mandarin, the language that we are learning in our audio lessons. He can understand us when we try to talk to him in Mandarin and gives us a "thumbs up" when we say something correctly. We are also using an app called Google Translate on our phones which comes in handy during all the right times.

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